Advanced Glycation End Products food chart (AGEs):

Article provides brief idea about how your Cooking methods and food items are responsible for increasing AGEs. Advanced glycation end products food chart will help you to formulate and modify your cooking methodology.  Even more will help you to select of food.

What is Advanced Glycation End Product ?

Glycation is the reaction between reducing sugars, such as glucose, and proteins, lipids (fat) or nucleic acids without enzymes. Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are the products  of this reaction.

Advanced Glycation End Products trigger the intracellular oxidative stress and inflammation,  leads to development of chronic diseases like Diabetes, PCOS in women, CVD etc.

By adapting healthy cooking practices you can reduce the number of Advanced Glycation End Product in food.

Earlier findings suggest that increased uptake of pulses and cereals (Whole grains) in regular diet reduces the circulating Advanced Glycation End Products.

Highly processed food is always harmful for your body, try avoiding it.

Fried, toasted, grilled, roasted food contains higher amount of AGEs, eat boiled, stewed, poached and steamed food.

Below you can find Advanced glycation end products food chart.

Advanced glycation end products food chart:

FOOD AGE (kU/100g or 100ml)FOODAGE (kU/100g or 100ml)
Fats Grains/Legumes
Roasted almonds 6,650Kidney Beans cooked for 1 h 298
Whipped Butter26,480Pasta242
Roasted Cashews9,807Rice (quick cooking)9
Mayonnaise9,400Cheese (white and processed)8,677
Roasted and salted Sunflower seeds4,693Cheese (cottage)1,453
Roasted and salted Soybean1,670Raw Tofu788
Dry roasted Peanuts6,447Broiled Tofu4,107
Roasted in shell and salted Peanuts3,440Corn Flakes233
Roasted Walnuts7,887Oatmeal14
Liquid FatPancake823
olive oil11,900Fish/Seafood
Peanut oil11,440Fish boiled 90 min761
Oil, safflower3,020Salmon broiled 10 min1,498
PoultrySalmon pan fried in olive oil3,083
Boiled Chicken1,123Raw Salmon528
Boiled Chicken (With Lemon)957Marinated Shrimp1,003
Roasted Chicken4,768Fried Shrimp4,328
Chicken Crispy7,722Shrimp grilled on BBQ2,089
Chicken nuggets8,627Tuna baked for 25 min919
Raw Mutton (Sheep, Goat)826White Sugar0
Mutton (Sheep, Goat) boiled, 30 min1,218Liquids(per 100 mL food)
Mutton (Sheep, Goat) broiled, 232 celcius for 30 min2,431Coffee2.4
Starchy vegetablesCoke6.4
Roasted Potato72Whiskey0.4
Boiled Potato17Wine32.8
Potato french fries1,522Beer1.2
Potato Chips2,883Liquids
Apple13Apple juice2
Banana9Orange Juice6
Coconut cream933Vegetable juice2
Dried fig2,663Combination foods
VegetablesTthin crust Pizza6,825
Carrots10Cheese sandwich5,679
Green beans18Egg fry2,749
Portabella mushroom129Egg white boiled for 10 min43
Onion36Egg yolk boiled for 10 min1,193
Tomato23Egg omelet337
Tomato sauce11
Grilled Vegetables226

Advanced Glycation End Products ( AGEs ) and Food
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Advanced Glycation End Products ( AGEs ) and Food
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