Crack Competitive Examination Without Coaching

Competitive Examination Study-

Smart work is better than hard work

To clear competitive examination I always follow this method to start study, which I am writing in this Blog……

  • First of all, get the complete syllabi of examination which you are willing to clear.
  • Read that syllabi again and again till you memorize it.
  • Collect standard notes and books. I believe in reading one standard book for a particular topic. It is always good rather than reading multiple books.
  • Collect old question papers, at least five. Read all the question papers after reading syllabi and then start reading notes and books. After going through the question papers you will come to know the important topics which you have to cover while going through notes and books.
  • Now you can start reading books and notes according to importance of topic and syllabi.

Now which time is good for study and to improve 7 to 8 hour marathon session?

  • Any time is good for study. It varies with person to person. But keep in mind that gaining knowledge is like having food. Your books are like food for your brain so take it every day on same time.
  • Fix your place to study. Do not change the place every time. How it is going help you? If you frequently change the place new items around you can disturb your focus from study every time. Your study material should be new in front of you not the study place. Once you started reading your brain will ignore the items around you and will focus on your study material.
  • While reading make macro and micro notes. These kind of notes will help you in future while revising the topic.
  • After each hour stop reading and close your eyes, start thinking what you read in last one hour. If you forgot something refer micro notes and continue thinking process. This process will take all the knowledge to core memory.
  • Do not skip days while studying, fix your time for everyday reading. Continuity is very important.

Best wishes for your study…….

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How to Crack Competitive Exam Without Coaching
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How to Crack Competitive Exam Without Coaching
How to Crack Competitive Exam Without Coaching
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