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1. Which of the following is not a connecting tissue.
2. Name of a structure formed of collagen protien :-
3. A Structure having blood vessels in hyaline cartilage is-
4. Which pair of structures distinguishes a nerve cell from other cells.
5. Transitional epithelium occurs in :
6. Find the structure which is not covered by epithelial tissue
7. In which of the following yellow elastic cartilage is observed :-
8. It connects the bones joints and holds them in position :-
9. The study of tissues is knows as :
10. Name the cells of areolar tissue are able to move and ingest foreign particles
11. Which of the following characteristics observed in yellow elastic cartilage :
12. Cell body of which neuron giving rise to both dendrite and axonal branches.
13. The ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are knows to occur in.
14. What is the function of neuroglial cells in nervous tissue?
15. When the surface cells of stratified epithelium contain insoluble protein (Keratin) the tissue is called :-
16. Name the structure arranged on basement membrane in compound epithelium :-
17. Who synthesized elastin protein?
18. Name the type of epithelium is present in the inner lining of large bronchi :-
19. Which Structure is able to move in areolar tissue
20. It is composed of bundles of collagen fibers :-
21. Skin is :
22. A structure formed by enveloped of schwann's cells
23. In the centre of bone there is a narrow cavity it contains a tissue which :-
24. Which of the following is not a component of Skeletal connective tissue :-
25. Which muscle tissue is mononucleate having granular sarcoplasm around its nucleus :-
26. Name the tissue located in uterine tube and proximal tube of kidneys respectively :-
27. Which of these is not found in connective tissue :
28. Find the function of cuboidal epithelium :-
29. Which type of tissue forms glands :
30. Which of the following structure is seen in the joints between skull bones :-
31. Give examples of elastic bond
32. Which type of epithelium is involved in a function to move particles or mucus in specific direction :
33. Which connective tissue is found in epiglottis :-
34. Which structure is indicated by each myelinated nerve fibre.
35. There are four primary types of tissues; they are
36. Which of the following is arranged in a single layer :-
37. Name the connective tissue present in larynx
38. A tissue specialized for energy storage and thermal insulation is
39. The darker bands in muscle fibre is called
40. Matrix of bone is composed of protein called
41. Which of the following is not a component of connective tissue proper .
42. Which of the following structure is not included in blood cells
43. What is Synthesized by fibroblast
44. Which of the following structure present in abundance in subcutaneous tissue :-
45. Name the tissue occurs with in the passages of the excretory organs :-
46. Fibroblasts macrophages and mast cells are present in :
47. Which connective tissue proper is made up of two types of fibre and cells :-
48. Find the structure which is made of several layer's of cells
49. The lighter bands in muscles fiber is called :-
50. Which of the following tissue in normally found in tendon .

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